Pew: Two-thirds of Americans have a favorable view of Israel’s people; fewer say the same about its government

"Americans’ attitudes about Israel are nuanced.... Views of Israel as a country, meanwhile, fall in between, with a little over half of Americans (55%) expressing a favorable opinion." - Pew

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Israel halts for Holocaust day, honors 6 million Jews killed

"Sirens blared across Israel early Thursday as the country came to a standstill in an annual ritual honoring the 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust. People halted where they were walking, and drivers stopped their cars to get out of the vehicles as people bowed their heads in memory of the victims of the Nazi genocide." - C.Index

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As Jews pray on Temple Mount, status quo in Jerusalem’s holiest site begins to shift

"A group that advocates for Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount reported that more than 10,000 Jewish worshippers had visited it between September and November in violation of an agreement between Israel and Jordan — an increase of 80% compared with recent years." - RNS

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