Book Review - Is God anti-gay?

We need to love them more than their gay friends do, and we need to love them more than they love their homosexuality. Only then can we point to the greater love that God has for them” (p. 73).

It is by far agreed that homosexuality is the defining issue of the day for the church. If you have an internet presence with a blog you are discussing it, and if you don’t then you are certainly reading about it. And if you can stomach it, you can watch or listen to endless commentary on news media outlets and the radio. With a host of pastors, bloggers, counselors and theologians also weighing in on the discussion, it is pretty easy to see that most of the evangelicals commenting on this issue are not homosexual themselves. They are discussing the issue from the outside looking in, as it pertains to the activity of homosexuality.

That is why a recent book on this issue is so unique. Sam Allberry, pastor and author, has written a short and very readable book titled Is God anti-gay? And other questions about homosexuality, the Bible and same-sex attraction. Allberry is a Christian who struggles with same-sex attraction. Choosing to use the phrase same-sex attraction (SSA) to describe his sexual struggles, Allberry writes clearly, pastorally and biblically. He chooses to use the term SSA, instead of  gay or homosexual, so as to avoid defining himself by his sexual struggles.

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Sanctification, Homosexuality and the Church

In this post my goal is to utilize the issue of homosexuality as a case study to demonstrate that the “Jesus + Nothing = Everything” approach to sanctification is not merely an academic wrinkle, but an error of such prodigious import that it threatens the very essence of the Christian church.

American culture has apparently reached a tipping point when it comes to homosexuality. It’s OK to be homosexual now. In fact, those of us who aren’t homosexual are apparently supposed to trip all over ourselves in our affirmation of homosexuals to make up for all those years in which American consensus stood against this vice. Blah, Blah, Blech. I’m disappointed, but not particularly devastated: this kind of thing really is an inevitable result of the non-foundational, democratic, and relativist worldview that America has been cultivating for decades.

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"[T]aking any stand on homosexuality short of complete... affirmation will soon place one in the same moral category as a Klansman"

“I am not a cultural transformationalist; but if there are any such reading this blog, I might suggest that now would be a good time for you chaps to start proving me wrong.  Yes, I do appreciate the cool movie reviews, the nice paintings…

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