"[T]aking any stand on homosexuality short of complete... affirmation will soon place one in the same moral category as a Klansman"

“I am not a cultural transformationalist; but if there are any such reading this blog, I might suggest that now would be a good time for you chaps to start proving me wrong.  Yes, I do appreciate the cool movie reviews, the nice paintings…

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Gender identity revolution in YA literature

Children’s literature, little regarded in the adult sphere, has more influence than we often recognize … When the “gay agenda” reaches the pages of YA novels, and now even middle-grade novels, you know you’re chasing a wave rather than running ahead of it.

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"We want this to be about ministry again at a very basic level," said Comiskey. "Not about sound bites, press conferences, and drama TV."

Exodus International Fragments Over Focus
“Ex-gay coalition shifts from reparative therapy to discipleship after losing prominent partners.”

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