What the Anti-Poverty Activists Hath Wrought

"Who Killed Civil Society?: The Rise of Big Government and the Decline of Bourgeois Norms argues that 'formative' efforts by private organizations to prevent social problems from appearing ... have been supplanted by the 'reformative' efforts of government programs to remedy problems once they appear. This has only made the problems worse, says author Howard Husock." - Law & Liberty

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AG Barr on the idea that government social programs can replace the virtues instilled by religion

"What Barr describes is a long-term shift from an understanding that a robust civil society, including religious institutions, could promote healthy norms such as sobriety and self-discipline to a belief that government could be relied upon for rehabilitation, the term emphasized by the Kennedy administration when it first authorized federal grants for social services." - National Review

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"It’s not the government's business to control every aspect of how a person balancing work and family parents their children."

"... these emotions are caused by a larger problem, one stemming from the rise of nosy people and big government joining forces against parents who are simply trying to be relaxed, efficient, or create a sense of independence in their kids."- W. Examiner

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State closes church-run credit union for 'unsound' operations

The Bob Jones precedent could easily lead to the revocation of tax-exempt status for schools committed to traditional views of marriage and sexual morality