Texas Family Appeals Hospital Decision to Pull Life Support

A terminally ill 17-month-old child is at the center of an end-of-life care debate. Doctors insist further care is futile treatment. The family says the doctors should not be making “quality of life” decisions. Here is an article with a link to the Hospital Ethics Committee Report.

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Tolerance: Locating the Boundaries

In The Nick of TimeSome societies have perished because of anarchy, and some have perished because of tyranny. A just society must avoid both. It must escape anarchy by refusing to tolerate at least some activities in which at least some people would like to engage. It must avoid tyranny by tolerating at least some ideas and activities that at least some people find objectionable.

How is a society to determine what ought to be tolerated? Some Christians have been tempted to answer this question by using biblical morality as a shortcut around reasoned discourse. They have presented the view that no violation of divine law ought to be tolerated. If their theory could be implemented, it would result in a theocracy. Short of Messiah’s presence, however, it cannot be implemented. Nor should it be. Christians are nowhere authorized to use coercion in order to impose biblical morality upon their societies. A society cannot establish the boundaries of tolerance simply by appealing to divine law. Theonomy is a dead end.

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