Christians, religiously unaffiliated differ on whether most things in society can be divided into good, evil

"Overall, about half of U.S. adults (48%) say that most things in society can be clearly divided into good and evil, while the other half (50%) say that most things in society are too complicated to be categorized this way." - Pew

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Ultra-realistic VR is a philosophical minefield for humanity

"It’s this shift in our sense of reality—away from the physical world and towards experience—that’s the crux of the issue. We seem to care less and less about whether our experiences are in reality or in a virtual world. But whether it’s real or virtual, if we experience it, is there any real difference?" - PC Gamer

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The Cracks in Our Debates: Lessons from Lewis on Disagreement

"In the essay, Lewis does eventually explain the reasoning behind his position. Before he does, however, he spends the first part of the essay explaining what moral reasoning is and how it works. In other words, he puts on a Moral Reasoning Clinic" - DesiringGod

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Question & Ethics: How do I respond to a combative person?

"we must be careful as we are confronting a person who thrives on conflict not to become the same type of person. Because we have a sense of the Judgement Day, and the fact that justice will eventually be done, we are freed from our need to seek judgement in the present age" - Russell Moore

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“Some dispensationalists...have suggested that love has replaced law in the Christian era”

"While love as the fulfillment of the law does inform us that law-keeping alone is an inadequate measure of sanctification, that does not mean that law-keeping is optional to sanctification. We still must obey the laws (else why would the NT writers have been so painstaking in giving so many hundreds of them to us?)!" - Mark Snoeberger

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