Environmentalism: A Biblical Perspective

"While Dr. Northcott and others prescribe abandonment of industrial civilization, or what Dr. Northcott calls 'the machine world,' and a return to a hunter-gatherer, or at most a 'primitive,' subsistence agricultural social order, as the solution to environmental problems, we believe a technologically advanced society and ecological well-being can co-exist, and indeed that they must coexist" - E. Calvin Beisner

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The apocalyptic style in 21st century environmentalism

"Religious cultures have often had deep strains of apocalyptic or millenarian sentiment, including the Christian and Jewish traditions, but the extreme forms of environmental apocalyptic today are rooted in the material and and are devoid of any sort of ... eschatological aim such as the renewal of Creation or deriving some meaning out of final things. No, movements like Extinction Rebellion are simply pessimistic and nihilistic." - Acton

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A Christian Perspective on Biodiversity: Anthropocentric, Biocentric, and Theocentric Approaches to Bio-Stewardship

"The focus on intuition in the Deep Ecology movement explains, in part, why feminism allies itself with environmental­ism, particularly with Deep Ecology and animal rights. Contemporary feminism rejects science outright—or redefines it—because science operates in a manner not sufficiently sensitive to 'feminine thought patterns' because it is a fundamen­tal­ly 'masculine' discipline." Cornwall Alliance

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"Markets are the lifeblood of wealth creation, and wealth creation is the necessary, if not sufficient, prerequisite to the lasting alleviation of poverty."