Christians and the Movies

This article first appeared at Proclaim & Defend, the blog of the Foundations Baptist Fellowship International. It is republished here with permission.

You can’t escape the media these days, which means almost everyone knows of their latest obsessions within a few hours of their formation. The last week or so, one story crowded out the regular obsessions. You can hardly go to a site on the web that isn’t offering some kind of opinion about Harvey Weinstein and the Hollywood scandal. I’ve read a few of these articles myself. Some of them offer some interesting and/or helpful insights. I’ll give some links throughout this post.

Two things interest me about the articles I’ve read. First, the voluminous secular reaction and (mostly) outrage. Second, the comparatively quiet Christian reaction, which fails to speak to what ought to concern Christians most about this scandal, at least in the articles I’ve been able to find.


Many writers focus on hypocrisy, both by the principals in the story and by the tongue-clucking observers in the pundit class. Jonah Goldberg skewers hypocrites on the left and the right with this:

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June 2015: The month that changed America

June 2015The month that changed America: Caitlyn Jenner, two momentous Supreme Court decisions, the massacre in Charleston and the Confederate flag debate

"In the space of a few historic weeks, America witnessed the most thrilling moment yet for its transgender community, the biggest-ever victory for the LGBT movement, a major, probably decisive, win for healthcare, and, arguably, the final surrender of the American Civil War."

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