“...poverty is a trap that requires outside assistance to escape.”

"There is no such thing as a self-made man nor is it possible to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Those are lies selling us on the destructive myth of personal autonomy; lies reminiscent of Serpent-Satan’s lies to our first parents and the subsequent lie of Cain who dared to mutter to God, 'am I my brother’s keeper?'" - The Gospel & Poverty

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What the Anti-Poverty Activists Hath Wrought

"Who Killed Civil Society?: The Rise of Big Government and the Decline of Bourgeois Norms argues that 'formative' efforts by private organizations to prevent social problems from appearing ... have been supplanted by the 'reformative' efforts of government programs to remedy problems once they appear. This has only made the problems worse, says author Howard Husock." - Law & Liberty

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The Disgraceful Campaign against the Salvation Army

"If you think that volunteering for an organization that is raising funds to provide food and housing, among many other services, for the needy is an inherently praiseworthy act, you haven’t been following the woke left-wing activists cutting a swath through American culture." - National Review

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