"A Chilling Account and a Word of Warning"

A thought-provoking article from Albert Mohler:
“There are important lessons here, to be sure. One lesson must be this: There will be theologians who seem ever ready to find a way to subvert the teachings of their church, even as they seek to remain in its employ and trust. The second lesson is like unto the first: There will ever be politicians who are looking for political cover, and will gladly receive this cover from those willing to subvert their church’s teaching. “

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Tim Keller addresses abortion...

“If you don’t believe in the image of God, what are you going to ground human rights in? You’re going to ground it in capacities. If you can’t protect the unborn you can’t protect the newly born, you can’t protect the mentally handicapped, you can’t protect old people. It’s a fact. It’s logical.”
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