Polls: Americans on the Dobbs decision and related topics

NPR/Marist poll: "When asked if they supported the overturning of Roe, 56% of respondents said they didn't approve of the Dobbs decision." YouGov poll:  "opposition to the Dobbs decision (47%)" Also YouGov: "By a more than 2-1 margin, Americans believe that corporations should remain silent on the issue." - C.Post

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'Forced' to bear twins: Washington Post offers morality tale about reluctant teen mom in Texas

"'[Post:] There was only one way she could make sense of it, she said: Losing them now — as fully formed human beings — would be different from losing them back then.' How so? Could the Post have interviewed activists and scientists on both sides of that question?.... all we hear about in the piece is how many career opportunities the mother has lost" - GetReligion

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Pew: About six-in-ten Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases

"The latest Pew Research Center survey, conducted March 7 to 13, finds deep disagreement between – and within – the parties over abortion. In fact, the partisan divide on abortion is far wider than it was two decades ago." - Pew

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