There Is a Secular Case for Life

"An atheist American can look at the shared humanity of the unborn child and believe it is just and wise to extend legal protections to recognize its immense worth and value. My friend and former National Review colleague Charles C.W. Cooke is an atheist, and he wrote powerfully last year to explain why he’s pro-life." - David French

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Political Malpractice: Efforts to Mislead Physicians about State Abortion Laws

"While physicians may have legitimate questions about the new state abortion laws, the organized campaign to attack them as banning sound medical judgment is a disservice to physicians and patients alike." - Public Discourse

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How Did So Many Fact Checkers Get the Tragic Story of 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl Wrong?

"for a reporter, it’s not enough to just ask questions. You have to actually get answers. The people who attempted to fact check the Indianapolis Star’s reporting had plenty of questions about the story itself, but publishing those questions in and of itself does not constitute a fact check." - Relevant

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