Gallup: 30% of pro-life Americans say they are single-issue voters vs. 19% of pro-choice Americans

"Americans currently consider race relations, the coronavirus, the government and the economy to be the most important problems facing the U.S. Abortion is not near the top of that list; still, a core one-quarter of U.S. adults consider it to be a threshold vote issue." - Gallup

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Religious liberty lawsuit challenges Illinois abortion insurance mandate

"The Illinois Baptist State Association (IBSA) ... is among three plaintiffs in a lawsuit the nonprofit Thomas More Society filed Wednesday (June 10) in Sangamon County Circuit Court challenging the Illinois Reproductive Health Act's abortion coverage mandate." - BPNews

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Supreme Court may change the future of abortion

Current law "creates a legal fiction granting abortion providers standing to represent the interests of the women they injure. This is similar to allowing a car manufacturing company to represent consumer interests when challenging a car safety law. Although not often discussed, this issue of third-party standing could be the linchpin in this case." - W.Examiner

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Who’s Really Exploiting Norma McCorvey?

"Producer Nick Sweeney...appears to be selling the entire mainstream media on the idea that the last decades of Norma McCorvey’s life were 'an act' and that her relationship with the pro-life movement was defined by money. This is not, in fact, what the documentary reveals, and over the past several days, her friends—those who knew her best—have pushed back against Sweeney’s portrayal." - TAC

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Fact and Fiction About Racism and the Rise of the Religious Right

"According to this narrative, Evangelical leaders mainly supported abortion rights. They jumped into the culture war only when the IRS moved to strip the tax exemptions from racially discriminatory schools. Opposition to integration is the poisonous acorn that grew into the mighty political oak of conservative Christianity." - David French

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