“The thousands of aborted fetuses found on the property of abortionist Ulrich Klopfer force us to admit reality.”

"It’s easy enough to ignore that when the remains are disposed of behind clinics and taken to landfills, and we never have to see them. ...The killing can continue as long as we don’t have to pay attention. But sometimes we don’t have a choice." - National Review

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5 incredible revelations from this week’s abortion hearing in California

Planned Parenthood sued the makers of videos showing their personnel selling the "tissue" of aborted babies... "While the trial hasn’t started yet, this whole legal process has proved to be a huge mistake for Planned Parenthood, as it has already produced one insanely embarrassing revelation after another for them. Here are the five craziest things uncovered so far in court" - The Cripplegate

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Surprise... The shameful campaign against Kavanaugh was motivated by Roe v. Wade all along

"The Left invested so much into trying to quash Kavanaugh, who they were certain would spell immediate doom for abortion rights. But so far, Kavanaugh's record on the bench is less conservative than that of Gorsuch." - Washington Examiner

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Planned Parenthood stumbles because it knows what people really think of abortion

"Only 18% believe abortion should be permitted in all cases, while just 22% believe it should be permitted in some cases. On the other side, only 9% believe it should be illegal in all cases, and almost half, 45%, believe abortion should be illegal in most cases with some exceptions." - Washington Examiner

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