Abortion clinics have declined in the U.S., but pill providers have increased

"Operation Rescue released the report Tuesday....finds that the number of surgical abortion clinics in the United States has dropped by over 35% from 713 facilities in 2009 to 458 facilities in 2020." Clinics providing drug-induced abortions went from 131 facilities in 2009 to 248 facilities in 2020. - CPost

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Over 42.6M abortions conducted worldwide in 2020, surpassing world's leading causes of death

Worldometer "monitors statistics on health, the global population, the use of resources and deaths in real-time, over 40 million abortions are performed worldwide annually. The website tabulates statistics on abortion made available from the World Health Organization." - CPost

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Massachusetts governor vetoes bill expanding late term abortion, abortion access

"Baker stated he could not approve the bill because of two main reasons: first, minors should not be allowed access to abortion without parental consent; and second, abortions at 24 weeks should be restricted only to cases where the fetus would not survive to term." - Jurist

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"Critical theorists see power and oppression everywhere. Why don’t they see it in abortion?"

"...by the very canons of the Critical Theory that the post-Marxist Left lives by, abortion is an act of oppression. One privileged class (women) imposes its power on a marginalized class (children in the womb)." - Veith

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2020 ballot initiatives: States weigh in on abortion, legalizing drugs, race discrimination, new state flag

"Two of the most notable referendums took place in Colorado and Louisiana, where voters were asked to weigh in on ballot initiatives related to the hot-button issue of abortion. In Colorado, a majority of voters rejected a ballot initiative that would ban abortion after 22 weeks while a majority of Louisiana voters supported a constitutional amendment asserting that abortion is not a constitutional right." - CPost

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