Tim Keller: stop speaking of political opponents “in a demonizing and dehumanizing way”

“The Bible tells me that abortion is a sin and great evil, but it doesn’t tell me the best way to decrease or end abortion in this country, nor which policies are most effective” - C.Post

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The Supreme Court Vacancy & the Pro-Life Cause

"...the prospect of a conservative, pro-life Supreme Court has thrown pro-abortion liberals into a panic.  In the hours after Justice Ginsburg’s death, record donations poured into the Democratic party, to the tune of $71 million. Both the pro-abortion and the anti-abortion sides are describing the Supreme Court vacancy as pivotal to their cause." - Veith

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The Historic Evangelical Opposition to Abortion

"It’s true that at one point the Southern Baptists passed a resolution in support of abortion.  But that was an aberration–quickly reversed–from a consistent pro-life position from the very beginnings of Christianity, through the Middle Ages, through the Reformation, through the  early modern period, through the 19th century, through the 20th century, and up until today." - Veith

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In Name Only

"So is Biden a 'Catholic in Name Only' or just a liberal Catholic or just one of the many Catholics today who reject their church’s teachings about sex, gender, and life?  Very likely, Biden exemplifies the current dysfunctional state of American Catholicism.  Perhaps he reflects the reality of Catholicism today, in which case he is not “Catholic in name only." - Veith

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Do Pro-Lifers Who Reject Trump Have ‘Blood on their Hands’?

"...if you’re pro-life, the encouraging reality is those things that matter most—your relationships and your local political community—are the things over which you have the most influence. The things that matter the least—the presidency and national politics—are those things most removed from your daily life." - David French

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The U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights Sidesteps Abortion

"The reasons for the omission are perhaps understandable. For one thing, the report’s introduction notes that the commissioners 'are not of one mind on many issues where there are conflicting interpretations of human rights claims,' including abortion. Because the report aimed to achieve unanimity among the commission’s eleven members, naming elective abortion as a human-rights abuse may have been an impossibility." - National Review

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