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Why Aren’t Pastors Teaching About Social Media?

"Social media is a wonderful thing – IF you have the knowledge and skills to control it. Say what you like, but most people don’t have those skills and we’re seeing the deterioration happening in our culture every day." - Cooke

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Conservatives Should Remember Their Opposition to Compelled Speech

"Many [conservatives] looked at the verdict [in Masterpiece Cakeshop] and felt as if the Court’s silence on protected speech amounted to privileging the civil-rights laws above the First Amendment — which meant they’d need to use similar means to protect their own speech. In other words, 'political viewpoint' should become a protected class." - N.Review

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“Last night I experienced a first on social media. A person claiming to follow Jesus Christ questioned my salvation.”

"It doesn’t bother me that someone who doesn’t know me would make such a ridiculous claim regarding my faith. The incident, however, did make me think of how many times Christians have hurt the cause of Christ on social media. ...Allow me to suggest a few tips that might be helpful for ministering effectively online:" - Tim McKnight

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Review of Breaking the Social Media Prism: How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing - Can Social Media Foster Persuasion (Not Polarization)?

"People who regularly listened to the opposite opinions did not adjust their views and become more balanced or moderate because for many people social media have become places where they are curating a self. And therefore they see opposing views as attacks on their identity" - TGC

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Breaking off the engagement: what the ad-peddling model that dominates the internet is doing to us

"When platforms make their livings by harvesting and selling our attention, they achieve that by shoving unsolicited junk into our minds, while we obediently scroll down and down and down." - Chris Best

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