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A review of Jeffrey Bilbro's Reading the Times

"Bilbro suggests that we release ourselves from the junk-food news diet by attending to resources that are deep and rich. This is essential because "so much of what people do under the rubric of unwinding or self-care doesn’t actually recreate or restore; It scratches the itch of our restless souls'" - Tim Miller

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What if mass media can't get rid of misinformation (or agree on what the term means)?

"Educate youngsters on how to 'spot lies, think critically, and ask questions,' using programs like those at Media Literacy Now. As for social media, instead of censorship or de-platforming, the cyber-pros need to provide audiences full context on what specific source, perhaps a paid or self-interested group or a pathetic mischief-maker, lies behind what they post." - Get Religion

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‘I Lost My Mom to Facebook’ How to Shepherd a Flock Being Formed by Algorithms

"Pastors need to be aware that every day of the week their church members are being instructed—and, most likely, their mentor is an algorithm. Is it any surprise that the human shepherds are losing to the digital ones?" - TGC

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New Tools to Help Parents Navigate Teens’ Social Media Use

"The bipartisan 'Kids Online Safety Act,' which is currently before Congress, is an effort to address these realities by providing parents and kids with safeguards and tools to protect them, uncovering the 'black box algorithms' that can feed dangerous content, and creating a duty for social media platforms to prevent and mitigate harms" - IFS

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