Social Media

Put Not Thy Trust in Technology (Social Media as a Tower of Babel)

"The post-Babel situation is, according to Haidt, a disaster and the 'best metaphor he has encountered' for 'the fractured country we now inhabit.' Haidt imagines the post-Babel world to be one in which people wandered amid the ruins of the destroyed city 'unable to communicate, condemned to mutual incomprehension.'" - Law & Liberty

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Social Media Fosters Distrust in Institutions. But We Can’t Live Without Them.

" media enables the same voices that (rightly) celebrate the downfall of corrupt institutions to wield significantly more power with even less accountability than their institutional predecessors." - TGC

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MIT study shows lies spread faster and further than truth on social media

"Wendland observes that the conversations spread through Twitter are most times cut off from the context that allows participants to verify the claims, but no one cares; its connection and movement through the 'tribe' gives it communal authority." - C.Post

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