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Avoid the hot takes: Takeaways for Christians after two mass shootings

"...avoid the hot take. Christians especially should be slow to speak. People are complicated. Explanations that focus only on external factors of race, gender, ethnicity, or legal requirements may miss the motivations that animate individual human beings.... 'out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.'" - WORLD

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6 Ways to Equip Your Church to “Do Good” on Social Media

"Most pastors have several moments each week when they shake their heads in sorrow at something they’ve seen a church member post on social media. The last year—in which churchgoers spent less time in face-to-face fellowship and more time than ever in 'fellowship' with the social media mob—has made the problem worse. What can church leaders do about this?" - 9 Marks

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Want to Fix Social Media? Lose the Anonymity.

"the problem of regulating speech when a service hosts hundreds of millions of users.... is a problem that is impossible to fix to anyone’s satisfaction. Moderate too many comments, and you will be accused of canceling' one side or the other. Moderate too few comments, and congressmen and women end up cowering behind their desks as self-described shamans in Viking helmets storm the Capitol." - The Dispatch

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Parler is bringing together mainstream conservatives, anti-Semites and white supremacists as the social media platform attracts millions of Trump supporters

"Parler...has already achieved a reputation and level of engagement that has overtaken other alternative platforms. But along with its success comes the reality that extremist movements like QAnon and the Boogalooers have thrived in the platform’s unregulated chaos." - The Conversation

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