Sexual Morality

Evangelicals’ Collapsing Sexual Mores

… even as 80 percent of young unmarried evangelicals are sexually active, 76 percent of evangelicals still believe sex outside of marriage is wrong. Even worse, 65 percent of women who abort their children identify as Catholic or Protestant Christian — that’s 650,000 Christian abortions per year.

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Study links early sex, divorce

“The study by a University of Iowa researcher, Anthony Paik, was published in the Journal of Marriage and Family (April 2011). It shows that 31 percent of women who had sex for the first time before age 18 divorced within five years and 47 percent divorced within ten. But for women who waited until adulthood to have sex, the divorce rate dropped significantly to 15 percent at five years of marriage and 27 percent at ten.” onenewsnow

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