Apologetics & Your Kids: Part 8 - Another Slogan

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In the last installment of this series we were looking at a motto which is often misused by the Christian community, and which could mislead young people if not carefully explained. That motto was “All truth is God’s truth.” This time round I want to take a look at another slogan; a slogan which should not be adopted by Bible believers, even though some prominent and respected authorities use it.

The phrase I have in mind is this: “The Bible tells us how to go to heaven; science tells us how the heavens go.”

On the face of it, this legend might seem non-objectionable. We are all aware of the fact that the Bible is not, nor does it ever claim to be, a textbook on Science. It doesn’t inform us about botany or biology or chemistry or physics. Science does—so what’s the problem?

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“Global warming really has become a new religion”–Nobel Physicist Ivar Giaever

“’It’s ridiculous,’ he says, to think we can measure global average temperature (GAT) accurately, and that we should consider an increase in GAT from ~1880 to 2015 from ~288 degrees Kelvin to ~288.8 degrees Kelvin (an increase of only 0.3%) frightening.” More on Giaever’s video lecture.

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