Typing with Grace, Seasoned with Salt (Part 2 of 2)

Cyber Discourse Among Family

In part one of our discussion on graceful internet speech, we looked at God’s biblical expectations of Christians in their communication with one another and examined a few faulty excuses sometimes used for stooping to the world’s level when dealing with disagreements with other brothers or sisters in Christ. We noted, among other things, the hypocrisy of burning bridges with brothers in the name of the Lord’s work and the support from James for taking a stance against this double-minded manner of conversation. We’ll continue with a look at the harm of such speech and possible alternatives to handling disagreements.

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In Praise of Blogging

This is really good.
An excerpt:
“Blogging is an opportunity to think. As one of my favorite writers said, ‘language is the technology of thought’. I further believe thinking and writing are not coincidental acts, they are the same act. To blog is to think in public, sometimes in a more gratifying way because you have readers, sometimes in a more embarrassing way because you have contradictors. But I believe thinking is important enough to risk it.

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