Global Warming

Is Global Warming for Real?

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Virtually the whole of what the so-called main-stream media (including taxpayer-subsidized PBS and NPR) spew out regarding alleged man-caused global warming is propaganda of the most blatant sort, regularly dishonest, scientifically inaccurate, purposefully slanted and grossly exaggerated. Virtually the whole of the mainstream media—TV networks, newspapers and other print media, and the film industry—has sold its soul to spout the most extreme claims of the rabid environmentalists without qualification or caveat. We are assured that “the science is settled,” “the discussion is over,” “there is complete scientific consensus,” and “now is the time to get on board and act.”

We are fed the line (and lie) that …

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Global Warming

NOTE: This article appears in the July/August 2006 issue of Frontline Magazine. It appears here with permission of the publisher.

By Mark Bouslog and Kevin Schaal

In early February of 2006, eighty-six prominent evangelical leaders, including Rick Warren, inaugurated the “Evangelical Climate Initiative,” seeking legislation on global warming. The initiative immediately sparked a reaction from politically active evangelicals such as Charles Colson and James Dobson, declaring that “global warming is not a consensus issue.”(1) Since that time the floodgates of discussion have opened from the broader evangelical movement concerning an evangelical approach to environmental issues. Because issues of environment have now been forced into the religious and theological arena, it is appropriate for Fundamentalists to address them.

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Concerning Global Warming and the Environment: FBFI Resolution 06-04

FBFI 2006 Annual ConferenceNOTE: The following standing resolution was presented at the 86th Annual Fellowship of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International on June 13, 2006, at Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco, California.

Fundamentalists have always believed that we must apply the principles of Scripture to all areas of life. This would include applying Biblical principles to the stewardship of the planet on which dwell. We urge all Fundamentalists to teach and model clear Biblical ethics that include:

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