A Critique of Dr. Thomas M. Strouse's "The Geocentric Cosmology of Genesis 1:1-19"

A few people have asked me what I thought about Dr. Thomas M. Strouse’s paper, “The Geocentric Cosmology of Genesis 1:1–19.” After I read the paper, I thought it would be helpful to provide a brief critique of Strouse’s paper. His paper caught my attention because he claimed to examine Genesis 1:1–19. If anyone is interested about how I have treated the biblical material related to young Earth creationism, I have two articles in our seminary journal: “A Defense of Literal Days in the Creation,” Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal 5 (Fall 2000): 97–123; and “A Critique of the Framework Interpretation of the Creation Account (Part 1 of 2),” DBSJ 10 (2005): 19–67. The first one can be downloaded from our website: The second one can be purchased from the seminary. This may also be obtained from our website. As I evaluated Strouse’s paper, I have found some problems with it. Because of the number of these, I will confine my remarks to four areas. But before I offer my criticisms, let me note one point with which I do agree.

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"The Bible never teaches that the earth moves around the sun..."

Christianity, and fundamentalism within, has embraced, for the most part, a fallacious cosmology...Dr. Thomas Strouse is the Dean and Professor Emeritus at Emmanuel Baptist Theological Seminary (Newington, CT), a self-proclaimed fundamentalist Baptist seminary. He has written an article arguing that the earth is the center of the universe–he believes the sun rotates around the earth as do all other heavenly bodies. His concluding paragraph of his article is below:

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