Because we need a little good news: The Edible Tape to Hold Your Burrito Together While You Eat It Is Real

"Astronomers are photographing black holes. Researchers are finding new ways to improve our mental health. And now, a team at Johns Hopkins University has found a way to keep your burrito from falling apart while you eat it." - Relevant

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What C.S. Lewis has to say to the creators of Jurassic Park

"When a man ignores his moral responsibility and refuses to live within the limits of the natural order, including his own nature, then he has lost the mark of his distinction among creatures. At that point, he is no better than a beast, ruled by whims and passions; raw nature has won out." - Acton

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Miracles Don’t Violate the Laws of Nature

"Although some earlier writers had viewed miracles as beyond laws of nature, Hume treated them as 'violations' of laws of nature. Once he adopted this definition, he insisted that miracles are miracles only if they violate natural law. Then he argued that natural law cannot be violated, so therefore miracles do not happen." - C.Today

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