NIH head Collins steps down, led fight against cancer, COVID

"Besides his heralded work for the NIH, Collins is known widely for writing on religion and science and reconciling the two. Last year, he was awarded ... the Templeton Prize, for demonstrating how religious faith can motivate scientific research." - RNS

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God Wants the Blame for Climate Change

"According to the left, humans are to blame for the spread of racism, COVID-19, Ida, and the disaster in Afghanistan. According to the right, those same problems can also be ascribed to humans (though normally different). . . . one thing we can all agree on is that our problems are human problems with natural causes." - TGC

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Darwinian Evolution is Running out of Time

"The theory of intelligent design is often dismissed as religion pretending to be science. Critics argue that the theory doesn’t make any predictions or contribute to our knowledge of the natural world, and plus, it’s not taken seriously in any peer-reviewed scientific journals. However, a new paper published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Theoretical Biology makes a strong case for the need for intelligent design." - Breakpoint

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The Enduring Lesson of the Galileo Myth

"Galileo’s biggest mistake was to move the fight out of the realm of science and into the field of biblical interpretation. In a fit of hubris, he wrote the Letter to Castelli in order to explain how his theory was not incompatible with proper biblical exegesis. With the Protestant Reformation still fresh on their minds, the authorities in the Catholic Church were in no mood to endure another troublemaker trying to interpret Scripture on his own." - TGC

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