“...the Bible is not anti-science. Rather, the Bible explains why science works.”

"every once in a while, the Bible offers an insight that sheds further light on an unsolved question of science. That seems to be the case with the Assyrian destruction of Lachish, an event recorded in the book of Kings." - Stonestreet & Leander

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Three Reasons Every Christian Should Cultivate Curiosity

"...the Pharisees thought they knew everything, had learned everything, had mastered everything. It’s that arrogance that cut them off from experiencing the presence of God and caused them to spit in the face of the Messiah they had been waiting for when he was in their midst." - C.Leaders

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NIH head Collins steps down, led fight against cancer, COVID

"Besides his heralded work for the NIH, Collins is known widely for writing on religion and science and reconciling the two. Last year, he was awarded ... the Templeton Prize, for demonstrating how religious faith can motivate scientific research." - RNS

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