School Choice

A Promising Day for Religious Liberty at the High Court

The state isn’t required to “fund private education at all, but if they choose to provide scholarships that are available to students who attend private schools, they can’t discriminate against parents who want to send their children to schools that are affiliated in some way with a church,” said Alito. - National Review

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Supreme Court has chance to strike bipartisan blow against anti-religious discrimination

"The case concerns a Montana program granting $150 in tax credits to those who donate to help fund private school tuition scholarships. Single mother Kendra Espinoza sought to use the scholarship program to send her children to a private religious school.

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"In many states, voucher programs are helping Christian families, schools turn corners"

“Nineteen states have passed various school choice laws during the 2011/2012 state legislative sessions, helping triple the available funding for vouchers and tax credit scholarships during the past five school years. In Indiana and elsewhere where such programs exist, enrollment in Christian private schools has seen a surge.”

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