School Choice

Maryland can’t bar Christian school from voucher program over beliefs on sexuality, judge rules

"A federal judge has ruled that Maryland unlawfully discriminated against a Christian school due to its traditional views on marriage and gender identity when the state denied it access to a voucher program." - CPost

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Justices skeptical of Maine exclusion of faith-based schools

"The high court heard oral arguments regarding the constitutionality of Maine’s school-choice program, and several of the justices appeared skeptical of the state’s defense of its refusal to include schools that teach their religious beliefs." - BPNews

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Supreme Court to decide if parents in Maine can use state funds to send kids to religious schools

"At issue is a group of parents who oppose a state regulation that allows for tuition assistance only if a private school is 'nonsectarian in accordance with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.'" - C.Post

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‘Education Reimagined’: West Virginia’s quest for school choice

"Through the decades-long work of Rev. Matthew J. Watts, a local minister in Charleston, we learn that the fight is about far more than simply boosting test scores or shuffling kids off to college. It’s about treating our children with dignity and allowing communities to freely respond to their needs." - Acton

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A Promising Day for Religious Liberty at the High Court

The state isn’t required to “fund private education at all, but if they choose to provide scholarships that are available to students who attend private schools, they can’t discriminate against parents who want to send their children to schools that are affiliated in some way with a church,” said Alito. - National Review

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Supreme Court has chance to strike bipartisan blow against anti-religious discrimination

"The case concerns a Montana program granting $150 in tax credits to those who donate to help fund private school tuition scholarships. Single mother Kendra Espinoza sought to use the scholarship program to send her children to a private religious school. A state agency excluded religious schools from the program, citing an archaic 'Blaine amendment' in the state constitution that bars taxpayer dollars from going to religious organizations." - W.

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