Rod Martin Resigns From SBC Executive Committee, Warns the SBC Is in ‘Grave Danger’

"In his letter, Martin said that the SBC messengers were 'deceived,' having been misinformed about ACP. The messengers were led to believe that waiving privilege was a 'perfectly normal and necessary' practice." - C.Leaders

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More Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee members resign — new leadership announced

"Another member of the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee has resigned and new leadership has been appointed after committee members voted to waive attorney-client privilege as part of an investigation into the leadership's handling of sexual abuse claims..." C.Post

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Mike Stone files lawsuit against SBC rival Russell Moore

"Lawyers for Georgia pastor Mike Stone filed a complaint Monday (Oct. 18) in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee accusing former Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore of defamation, false light invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress." - RNS

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Southern Baptist Convention’s lawyers to cut ties after vote to waive privilege

"The longtime general counsel for the Southern Baptist Convention has decided to cut ties with the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. The decision came after members of the SBC’s Nashville-based Executive Committee decided to waive attorney-client privilege as part of a sexual-abuse investigation." - RNS

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SBC Executive Committee approves Guidepost contract, agrees to waive privilege

"Members of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee voted for the waiving of attorney client privilege within the scope of an independent third-party investigation of the EC concerning the handling of sexual abuse claims." - BPNews


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Southern Baptist EC calls meeting to consider attorney-client privilege, Guidepost contract

"The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee is scheduled to hold a special session on Tuesday (Oct. 5) .... The central issue of meeting is the finalization of an agreement with Guidepost Solutions and the matter of waiving of the EC’s attorney-client privilege" - BPNews

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