Southern Baptists: More concerns aired as sex abuse discussion unfolds

Ken Alford has resigned from the Executive Committee and bylaws workgroup: "The bylaws workgroup actually conducted no investigation, because we were not authorized to do so, and we did not 'clear' any churches, because that determination was not a part of our responsibility. We simply sought to ascertain if the information that President Greear had shared with us was sufficient to warrant further inquiry." - BPNews

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Southern Baptists Torn Between Bold Abuse Reforms and Caution

"Those concerned about abuse within America’s largest Protestant body . . . cheered repentant statements and bold plans for policy changes from SBC president J. D. Greear last week, only to see his recommendations largely turned down by part of the SBC’s Executive Committee days later." - Christianity Today

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Southern Baptist group clears 6 churches of violating sex abuse standards

"Just days after the president of the Southern Baptist Convention called for an evaluation of 10 churches that were highlighted in a recent investigation on sex abuse, six of those churches were cleared of acting indifferently toward abuse." - Christian Post

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SBC head suggests expelling churches, creating registry to address sexual abuse

"In an address to the SBC's executive committee on Monday in Nashville, Tennessee, Greear proposed a range of reforms to help make churches safer. The 10 'calls to action' include repenting, providing free training for ministry leaders, encouraging churches to review and strengthen their policies on abuse and a re-examination of the ordination process." - Christian Post

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