UPDATED: Patterson attorney claims 'misrepresentation'

An attorney for terminated Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson issued a media release late Monday afternoon (June 4) defending Patterson against alleged "wide-spread misrepresentation and misinformation." BPNews

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Montana Church Pledges to Leave SBC Over ERLC's Promotion of Social Justice at MLK Conference

"The Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Montana . . . announced Monday that they plan to withdraw from the [Southern Baptist Convention] 'due to the ongoing social justice promoting, leftist progressivism, and mission drift away from the Gospel by the denomination's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.'" CPost 

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Southern Baptist Convention Added to Sexual Abuse Suit Against Former Judge Paul Pressler

"The lawsuit also names the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, its president, Paige Patterson, and Houston's First Baptist Church as defendants, alleging they are liable for their professional, personal or denominational connections with Pressler." CPost

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