Jeff Straub on Founder's Ministry documentary “By What Standard?”

"Fundamentalists may think that issues like these outside our movement will impact us little. However, it is in no one’s best interest to see the SBC surrender the ground gained in the Conservative Resurgence to cultural liberalism." - P & D

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The Credentials Committee: A Call for Patience (Susan Codone & Megan Lively)

"The SBC Credentials Committee released its first set of guidelines yesterday. For the most part, these guidelines seem appropriate for a committee guarding the credentials necessary to be a Southern Baptist church. Some have questioned the guideline that 'No submission will be received that is anonymous.'" - SBC Voices

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What Does Autonomy Mean for the SBC?

"This legal authority of the Convention is limited by its constitution, Article IV, Authority: ‘While independent and sovereign in its own sphere, the Convention does not claim and will never attempt to exercise authority over any other Baptist body, whether a church, auxiliary organization, or convention.’ This limitation is prompted by the theological proposition that each church is independent and autonomous." - SBC Voices

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SBC Credentials Committee launches online portal for reporting abuse-related cases

"While the form may be used to report concerns related to a church's handling of sexual abuse, racism and various other pertinent issues, Bramlett cautions that suspicions of recent or current sexual or other forms of abuse should be reported to law enforcement officials." - BPNews

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