Roman Catholicism

Is Anglicanism a distinctive middle way or via media between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism?

"the conception of the Church of England as a half-way house between Rome and John Calvin’s Geneva (or Martin Luther’s Wittenberg) would have been incomprehensible to the English Reformers of the sixteenth century." - Ref21

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In Name Only

"So is Biden a 'Catholic in Name Only' or just a liberal Catholic or just one of the many Catholics today who reject their church’s teachings about sex, gender, and life?  Very likely, Biden exemplifies the current dysfunctional state of American Catholicism.  Perhaps he reflects the reality of Catholicism today, in which case he is not “Catholic in name only." - Veith

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Francis Chan isn't sure what he believes about transubstantiation

"Chan said it struck him as “almost silly” and even “heretical” to take this view of communion. However, at the urging of his friends and fellow ministry leaders, Hank Hanegraaff and K.P. Yohannan, Chan says he decided to study early church history to discover what they believed about communion, or the Eucharist." - C. Leaders

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Adrian Vermeule’s Moral Madness

"Regardless of his theocratic aspirations, Vermeule’s constitutional philosophy itself is nonsensical, given that it openly advocates the dissolution of the very constraints that characterize a constitutional order. Vermeule, it seems, would have us all become living constitutionalists of a sort, faithful to our partisan preferences above any objective understanding of the Constitution." - TAC

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“Vermeule’s argument is primarily a question about what conservative political philosophy should look like”

"[Vermeule argues that] the Constitution’s most abstract language should be interpreted as affording the government almost entirely unconstrained power over its citizens, a sort of blank check for the exercise of political authority as the sovereign sees fit. But can that practice of interpretation be justified on theological grounds?" - John Ehrett

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