Religious Trends

Barna: More Americans Now Believe in Satan Than in God

"The third and latest report in Dr. George Barna’s American Worldview Inventory 2020 evaluated the perceptions of God that people have in the U.S. Among the survey’s most surprising findings are that more Americans believe in Satan than believe in God and that more people believe that Jesus was divine and a sinner than believe he is divine and sinless." - Church Leaders

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Poll: Coronavirus a “Wake-Up Call from God,” Say 44% of Americans

"I want share what Luke 13:4-5 says. Jesus here is responding to a question about why certain people died, and he refers to 18 people who were killed in a tragic accident. Why did they die—why did that accident happen? It’s the same question people are asking today... Why is this pandemic happening now, to us? Here was Jesus’ response in Luke 13..." - Ken Ham

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New from Pew: “Four-in-ten Americans perceive conflict between their religious beliefs and mainstream culture”

"The survey also shows, however, that Christians are somewhat more likely to think their religion’s perceived decline in influence is a temporary, rather than permanent, change. In addition, just one-in-five U.S. Christians, including a third of white evangelical Protestants, see themselves as members of a minority group because of their religious beliefs.

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3 in 5 Evangelicals Live in Asia or Africa

"Globally, evangelicals number 660 million and represent 26% of the world’s Christian population, according to estimates from researcher Sebastian Fath. In addition, the research fellow at the National Center for Scientific Research in France and specialist in the study of evangelicalism says more than 60% of evangelicals live in Asia or Africa." - F&T

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