Religious Trends

Did the end of the Cold War fuel the rise of the religious nones?

"The book is called Nonverts: The Making of Ex-Christian America, by a British sociologist named Stephen Bullivant. It’s not just an important book, it’s the best-written and most readable work of religious sociology that I’ve read in a very long time." - David French

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From the Rise of the ‘Nones’ to the Indifference of the ‘Never Weres’

"Several million people did not randomly, suddenly have several million individual changes of heart in the space of 40-odd years. Kudos to Bullivant for his cultural history, summarized in six clear statements at the end of the chapter." - CToday

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Census: Christians a minority in England; non-religious grow

"Fewer than half the people in England and Wales consider themselves Christian, according to the most recent census — the first time a minority of the population has followed the country's official religion." - RNS

More: In England and Wales, Christianity Falls Below Half the Population - CToday

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U.S. Religion Census: Nondenominational is now bigger than Southern Baptist or United Methodist

"USRC said the SBC registered 17,649,040 adherents and had the largest number of congregations among all denominations.... with nearly 5,000 more congregations identifying as nondenominational, Christian adherents in the group swelled to 21,095,641." - CPost

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