The Reformed Tradition on Israel Is Diverse

J. I. Packer’s Rare Puritan Library Now Digitized To Be Read Online For Free

"The John Richard Allison Library in Vancouver . . . has now made available their entire rare Puritan collection to be read online for free. What a gift of modern technology to help us recover these gifts from the church of the past. There are currently 80 Puritan authors in their collection, many of whose works were digitized from J. I. Packer’s private library."

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Book Review - A Puritan Theology

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One of the most voluminous and rich periods of Christian tradition and writing is that of the sixteenth and seventeenth century Puritans. The number of works and pages they produced is staggering and is only outdone by their passion for Christ and their commitment to the Scripture about which they wrote. They produced many classics that Christians have read for centuries since. The Puritans have been the victim of misunderstanding by many, but those who have taken the time to read them, have been changed forever.

In line with a long string of contemporary reprints and books on the Puritans comes a staggering volume which sets a new standard for Puritan studies. Coauthors Joel Beeke and Mark Jones have written A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life which sets out to provide a systematic theology from the perspective of the continental Reformed theologians of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Weighing nearly 5 pounds and measuring 2” x 7.5” x 10.2”, this book moves beyond an introduction to the field of Puritan theology and provides a rich and vast well to draw from in the quest of gaining a better grasp of the Puritans. The “Works Referenced” section is 45 pages long and includes both the primary and secondary sources cited throughout.

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