President Obama

" president appears to have publicly characterized the court as political activists before, especially not before a decision has been rendered."

“Sadly, even before the sessions on healthcare reform had ended, some liberals were preemptively trying to delegitimize a potential defeat at the court. … [T ]here’s a kind of cynicism, or at least intellectual laziness, in asserting that this is an easy or obvious call—that no justice could possibly strike down the mandate out of honest, reasoned conviction.”

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The President & The Prophet: Obama’s Unusual Encounter with Eric Metaxas

Obama came to the prayer breakfast with a tidy speech that was clearly designed to lay those doubts to rest. He spoke of his daily habit of prayer and Bible reading, his regular conversations with preachers like T. D. Jakes and Joel Hunter, and even told a story of the time he prayed over Billy Graham.

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Opinion: Senate must stop Obama internet takeover ...the Obama administration officially published the Federal Communications Commission... net neutrality rules in the Federal Register. These rules would undo a decade of free-market, hands-off Internet policy...

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