Pope Francis

Pope says, if you try to convert an unbeliever, you are “not a disciple of Jesus”

"In their recent ecumenical zeal, Catholics have finally accepted Protestants as Christians, though as 'separated brethren.'  But does the Pope believe that evangelicals and Pentecostals who try to win others to their faith 'are not disciples of Jesus'?" - Gene Veith

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Pope Francis: ‘It’s An Honor That Americans Are Attacking Me’

The comments were in response to a book on "what motivates the right-wing opposition to Pope Francis in the United States, which goes beyond his views on economics and also includes his response to the sexual abuse crisis and his elevating liberal clerics...while sidelining conservatives (such as Cardinal Raymond Burke and Cardinal Ludwig Mueller)." - Daily Wire

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Pope Francis poised to redo translation of Lord's Prayer

"The Italian Episcopal Conference [CEI] has submitted the proposed change to the Vatican for approval, changing the line 'lead us not into temptation' to 'abandon us not when in temptation,' reported the Italian newswire service Ansa and the [U.K.] Express." - Washington Times

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For Pope Francis, the Great Accuser tries to uncover bishops' sin to cause scandal