Robert Sumner

Robert Sumner's Biblical Evangelist blasts new BJU Press book on alcohol.

The lastest Fundamentalist periodical to criticize the BJU Press book "The Christian and Drinking" by Randy Jaeggli is "The Biblical Evangelist" published by Evangelist Robert Sumner. Here are some quotes from his review of the book:

"No way around it; this is a book advocating social drinking -- you know, 'in moderation.' . . . In his Conclusion, Jaeggli sounds like Billy Sunday or the local arm of the WCTU (Women's Christian Temperance Union), but we doubt that after 70 pages of 'okay on the sauce' it will do much good."

In his "Off the Cuff" column, Sumner continues:

"That this 'fortress of fundamentalism' would publish a book advocating boozing (in a moderate way, of course; no one in his/her right mind would promote intemperance) is so shocking to this honorary alumnus of the university I wouldn't believe it if I didn't have the proof. Sadly, I have the facts. . . . Has author and faculty member Randy Jaeggli been fired? If not, why not? He has clearly broken the rules of the institution. And are the rules in the Student Handbook being rewritten to promote social boozing by faculty and students? Will the dining hall and other eating establishments on campus, run by the university, start serving wine and beer with meals? It would be consistent with Jaeggli's book. But then, as Shakespeare noted, consistency is a jewel, found only rarely. It seems to me that a hornets' nest has been stirred up. Will this affect the donors of the university, most of whom we assume are blue-nosed prohibilitions, like early trustee Sam Small? And will fundamentalist parents want to send their sons and daughters to BJU to learn drinking in moderation? It raises a lot of questions, doesn't it?"

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