'We Are Not Dying, We Are Reforming,' Says PCUSA Leader Amid Report on Declining Membership

"While still the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country, in 2016 PCUSA saw a loss of nearly 90,000 members, slipping below the 1.5 million-member mark. This is nearly 300,000 fewer members than in 2013."

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PCUSA's Eighth-Largest Member Church Votes to Leave and Join Conservative Denomination

"The presbytery dismissed them on a voice vote that was overwhelmingly in favor," explained Cole, whose regional body has seen other churches leave the presbytery over the past few years because of the PC(USA)'s liberal theological direction."

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PCUSA Report Says 1 in 5 Members 'Disappointed,' Considering Departure

"The study confirms that the issues dividing the PCUSA are theological. There is not a shared understanding of what it means to be theologically Reformed nor what it looks like to live, individually or institutionally, submitted to the authority of God as revealed in the Bible"

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