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I recently finished teaching through Acts 20:17-38, one of the most influential passages in my life and ministry. In Paul’s lecture to the Ephesians elders he provides for us what I call “an inspired philosophy of ministry.” He explains what his ministry looked like, providing a pattern for the church throughout the ages. We need to know this passage well and apply it to our churches intentionally, especially in a day when there are so many competing voices regarding the nature of Christian ministry.

Paul speaks often in this “seminar” of the importance of character and affection (as I noted in this post). He roots spiritual influence both in the leader’s integrity (“you know me” type comments in v. 18-21 and v. 33-35) and relationships (“I wept over you” comments in v. 19 and 31; cp. v. 37-38). But example and engagement are far from sufficient. The genius—the essence—of Christian ministry is the teaching and preaching of Scripture. Paul emphasizes the centrality of the Word in a variety of ways:

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Matt Morrell—The SharperIron Interview

Matt MorrellRecently I sat down with Pastor Matt Morrell to discuss the challenges of being a young pastor, life in a pastor’s family, the state of Fundamentalism, the role of the Internet and blogs, and other topics. Matt is the new pastor of the historic Fourth Baptist Church of Plymouth, Minnesota. He succeeds Richard V. Clearwaters, Dr. Ernest Pickering, and Dr. Doug McLachlan in that role.

Fourth Baptist ChurchListen to the interview (22:43 min., 5.20 MB).

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Mark Minnick - The SharperIron Interview | Part 1- "The Pastor and His Study"

Note: In anticipation of this interview, two free sermon series downloads have been released by Mount Calvary here.Mark Minnick
Dr. Mark Minnick serves as senior pastor at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina. He became the senior pastor in 1989 after long-term pastor Dr. Jesse Boyd stepped into the role of pastor emeritus. God took Dr. Boyd home two years later. Since 1989, Dr. Minnick has faithfully exposited the Word of God, and his ministry has multiplied through his recordings. Dr. Minnick is not only a pastor to his congregation but also a “pastor’s pastor” to preachers around the world. In addition to his pastoral ministry, he teaches at Bob Jones University, serves on the boards of Gospel Fellowship Association Missions and the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship, and serves as a member of The Committee on the Bible’s Text and Translation. Mark is a contributing editor to Frontline Magazine, where his “First Partakers” column encourages and challenges men in the ministry.

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