Pastoral Ministry

LifeWay Research: Biggest Concerns Pastors Have Right Now

"More than a quarter of pastors (27%) say they’re struggling with maintaining unity and dealing with conflict or complaints.... Several pastors mentioned difficulties surrounding special services like weddings and funerals or reaching out to members in hospitals and nursing homes." - F&T

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Is the small, single full time clergy staff church a luxury churches can no longer afford?

"I see solid, educated, selfless, dedicated pastors around me who are full time clergy in churches of 40 to 60 in attendance. Is giving by a group this size enough to support a full time pastor adequately? Do members give per capita sufficient to cover a $50,000 or more salary cost by their minister? Depends, I suppose, on the church." - SBC Voices

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“We default to thinking so well of ourselves it can be difficult to think God might not think quite so highly of us.”

"Third, pride can mean the kind of smugness identified often in our culture as arrogance, or braggadocio—a self-preoccupation that’s either insensitive to others or simply doesn’t care. Often relatively benign, in its more egregious forms it’s abrasive and even oppressive." - Pastors & the Battle Against Pride

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“When we remember those men who most faithfully pastored us, we probably think of more than their sermons. And there’s a reason for that.”

"The highest privilege and greatest honor in pastoring is not standing in the church pulpit but praying by the hospital bed." - Challies

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