Pastoral Ministry

Pastors Teach

"Run the simulation on a [pastor/elder] candidate: Would the most natural commendation, relative this particular man, be ... 'He’s able to teach—if you put a gun to his head?' Or would it be ... 'He’s the kind of man who will hardly stop teaching—even if you put a gun to his head.'" - 9 Marks

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NAE announces 4th Bless Your Pastor campaign and western U.S. tour to encourage pastors

"National research by the Barna Group indicates that pastors are discouraged, with 43 percent of pastors saying that they have given serious consideration to leaving vocational ministry." - RNS

Also in recent NAE news: NAE Releases Climate Change Report, Urges a Biblical Mandate for Action - C.Leaders

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The Southern Baptists’ ‘pastor’ controversy: A study in terminology pitfalls and consequences

"Baptists do believe that humanly speaking, you are certainly free to believe whatever you wish. However, you do not have the right to believe, or disbelieve, anything you choose and still call yourself a Southern Baptist." - Richard Land

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