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N. T. Wright's The Day the Revolution Began: A Few Reflections

N. T. Wright on marriage: "chang[ing] an ideology within a culture by changing the language"

N. T. Wright on marriage “When anybody—pressure groups, governments, civilizations—suddenly change the meaning of key words, you really should watch out. If you go to a German dictionary and just open at random, you may well see several German words which have a little square bracket saying ‘N.S.,’ meaning National Socialist or Nazi. The Nazis gave those words a certain meaning. In post-1917 Russia,

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N.T. Wright on the Bible and why he won’t call himself an inerrantist

"I don’t call myself an 'inerrantist' (a) because that word means what it means within a modernist rationalism, which I reject and (b) because it seems to me to have failed in delivering a full-blooded reading and living of what the Bible actually says." RNS

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"[N]o one fully understood the gospel from the time of the apostle to the time a certain British scholar started reading Paul in Greek"

"The church has misread Paul so severely, it seems, that no one fully understood the gospel from the time of the apostle to the time a certain British scholar started reading Paul in Greek in graduate school." Surprised by N.T. Wright

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An Overview of the New Perspective on Paul

Reprinted, with permission, from Faith Pulpit (May/June 2010).

I have had a couple of opportunities to be on camera in front of a “green screen.” The camera captures your image and ignores the green background. It is a great experience because you can project yourself on screen into any number of backgrounds. At one moment you can be skiing in the Alps; the next, you can be surfing on the North Shore. You stay the same, only the background changes. This is the same technology that weather reporters use in their studios to show the weather map.

In an odd kind of way, the green screen illustrates what the New Perspective on Paul is all about. The New Perspective on Paul, however, is not really first and foremost about Paul at all. It is about Paul’s background (i.e., Second Temple Judaism). When you change the background on the green screen from mountains to ocean, people interpret the image in a completely different way. In a similar way, New Perspective scholars are reinterpreting Paul in a variety of different ways because their perception of his background of first-century Judaism has changed.

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"[Wright] has been enthusiastically calling for the Pope to visit Durham on his forthcoming UK visit. I can guess what John Knox of St Andrews might have made of that."

N. T. Wright has announced his resignation as Bishop of Durham for a new position at School of Divinity of there.
A New Perspective on Scotland?

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