Multi-Site Churches

Village Church to End Multisite Megachurch Model, All Campus Will Be Autonomous

"Following in the footsteps of the formerly multi-campus Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, The Village Church in Texas, led by Pastor Matt Chandler, has announced the end of their multisite model in favor of making each campus an autonomous church by 2022." CPost

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Thabiti Anyabwile: "those who take the multi-site option are effectively saying: 'My preacher is better than your preacher, so we’re gonna brand him and export him to a theater near you'"

The Multisite Church, Part 2

Reprinted with permission from the Baptist Bulletin, July-August 2009. Read Part 1.

Theological questions—and answers

In preparing for this article, I got my hands on as much multisite literature as I could find. Friends loaned me books—including two multisite church manuals. I Googled…and Googled…and Googled some more! I informally discussed multisite churches with a couple of multisite pastors. Through my reading and research and interviews, my initial concerns with the multisite expansion model remained unresolved. Questions went unanswered. And answers often came attached with, “Well, God is blessing this thing. Our church is growing.” While one cannot argue with God’s apparent blessing, Christians—and especially church leaders—must be certain their philosophy of local church structure squares with Scripture. Before we talk about the multiple sites or campuses, we must understand what the Bible teaches about the church.

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