Has church attendance by Millennials increased?

"Although Millennials (and, emerging behind them, Gen Z) are known for declines in religiosity, data show that, since 2019, the percentage of Millennials reporting weekly church attendance has increased from 21 percent to 39 percent." - Barna

Another study: Millennials adopt digital worship, but not at the expense of IRL faith - RNS

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Digital religion makes faith experience richer for millennial believers, study of pre-COVID data finds

"'Digital Religion Among U.S. and Canadian Millennial Adults,' recently published in the Review of Religious Research, explores the prevalence of some digital religion practices among 18- to 35-year-old millennials in the U.S. and Canada using data from the 2019 Millennial Trends Survey." - CPost

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An Aristotelian Defense of Ownership in the Age of the Sharing Economy

"The emergence of the online sharing economy calls to mind the Socratic desire to abolish ownership with the goal of ending competition and discord. But, as Aristotle reminds us, this is a corrosive vision that would exacerbate rather than mitigate conflict" - Public Discourse

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75 Percent of Millennials Say They Lack Purpose in Life, Survey Finds

"Dr. George Barna, who authored the survey, noted that many millennials have failed to find purpose in life because they hold self-centered worldviews. 'Millennials have largely bought into worldviews that teach "life is about me"'" - C.Headlines

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“Although 61% of American millennials consider themselves to be Christian, just 2% of them were found to hold a biblical worldview”

"While millennials have shown the most radical shift away from the Bible, other generations did not fare much better. Only an estimated 9% of adults in both the Elder (75 and older) and Boomer generations (56 to 74 years of age) hold a biblical worldview." - C.Post

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Mission-oriented millennials, Gen Z object to words ‘convert' and ‘winning souls’ in outreach

"Teens and young adult Christians do not like to use certain words, including 'converts' and 'winning souls,' while talking about the reasons behind sharing their faith with others, a study has found." - C. Post

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