Meaning of Life

More Americans are wondering about the meaning and purpose of life

"A study from Nashville-based Lifeway Research finds, compared to a decade ago, U.S. adults today are more likely to regularly wonder about meaning and purpose in this life but less likely to strongly believe finding a higher meaning and purpose is important." - BPNews

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“...two key questions: Why do I exist? What does that then mean for how I live and lead?”

"Life as we know it has been radically changed, and we don’t know when (or if) things will return to normal. For many, this crisis has stolen what little hope they had and replaced it with despair. But those who are on mission—who truly know their purpose—persevere and stand firm. They endure and glorify God." - IFWE

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“An unprecedented loss of values and religion is leaving young Americans depressed, unhappy, and angry.”

"I began part one of 'Why Are So Many Young People Unhappy?' with data showing the apparently unprecedentedly high rate of unhappiness among young people in America....  I do believe that a loss of values and meaning are the two greatest sources of unhappiness." - Dennis Prager

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