Millennials Are Staying in Church if They Went as Children–Unless They Marry Outside the Faith

"The problem with Millennials dropping their church affiliation began with their parents, with most drop-outs being seldom taken to church as children. And, yet, there is one factor that contributes to dropping out of church even on the part of young adults whose parents took them to church:  Marrying outside the faith." - Gene Veith

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“Like so many other time-tested practices these days, marriage is in a state of decline. Meanwhile, cohabitation rates continue to rise.”

"As the chart below shows, 59 percent of adults have cohabitated, a five percent increase from 2002. This increase is likely driven by the fact that 69 percent of adults believe cohabitation is acceptable, even when marriage is not in the plan." - Intellectual Takeout

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New Research: Happy Couples Know How to Argue Well

"'Happy couples tend to take a solution-oriented approach to conflict, and this is clear even in the topics that they choose to discuss....The researchers also found that the longer people were married, the fewer arguments they had, suggesting that over time couples had learned that some topics were simply not worth addressing." - Church Leaders

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What Christians Really Think About the Church’s Relationship Advice

"Over the years, Christians have produced and read far more books on how relationships and singleness should work than on how these things actually dopan out. Vicky Walker’s new book Relatable: Exploring God, Love, & Connection in the Age of Choice, based on a survey of more than 1,400 people, aims to change that." - Christianity Today

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Church of England: marriages remain valid after gender transition

"The marriage of worshipers who transition to a different gender will still be valid, the Church of England has said. The position extends only to worshipers who were in an opposite-sex relationship at the time of their marriage, it clarified." - Christian Post

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