Until Death Do Us Part

by Pastor Dan Miller

Editor’s Note: This article was reprinted with permission from Dan Miller’s book Spiritual Reflections. It appears here verbatim.
1120381_romantique.jpgOn Palm Sunday, 1996, a young couple visited our church. That was the first day in a seven year saga no words could justly recount, but let me try.

Brandon and Jennifer were perfect together. They were full of life: energetic, focused, self-disciplined, in great physical shape and in love.

Contemplating marriage, they had determined to do things right, which involved the sticky business of finding a common religion. Hailing from different backgrounds they began an earnest study of their childhood religions. But after nearly a year of investigation they had accumulated more questions than answers.

Following that Palm Sunday service, they asked if I would be willing to meet with them to answer a few questions. Two days later we met at my office. According to Jennifer’s later recollection, I held a Bible in my hand and assured them at the start of our session that in this book we could find the answer to every spiritual question.

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