Mark Driscoll

Rick Warren Successor Andy Wood Apologizes for 2021 Mark Driscoll Interview; Critics Push Back

"In the past I interviewed Mark Driscoll to help pastors learn from his mistakes.... I regret the pain, confusion & distraction this caused. I humbly apologize for my mistake and error.” - C.Leaders

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‘Cussing Pastor’ Returns: Mark Driscoll Swears While Addressing Abortion, Calls Biden ‘Coward’ Headed to Hell

"Last week, Driscoll posted a video clip from a May sermon at a men’s event, wherein he discussed '23 Scriptures Commanding True Christians To Oppose Abortion.'" - C.Leaders

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The Progression of Cultic Leadership: Thoughts on The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

“This is relevant to us even in our circles, because many GARBC pastors and church leaders were deeply enamored with Driscoll during the peak of his popularity. With the accessibility of YouTube sermons and MP3s back in the day, the invention of podcasts, and the availability of conferences, scores of pastors within our own circles had become loyal listeners of Driscoll.” - Mike Hess

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What “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” Misses

"what seemed so unusual was the podcast’s distinct lack of a substantive 'Christian' backdrop....I mean an effort to articulate and defend the claim that what happened at Mars Hill failed to satisfy the standards of conduct that are distinctive to the Christian tradition, as opposed to the standards of modern Western professional society." - Ehrett

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