Is the Textus Receptus Perfect in Every Jot and Tittle? Ambrose vs. Scrivener

"Scrivener carefully noted 111 passages in which the KJV translators chose to follow Beza against Stephanus, 59 in which they did the opposite, and 67 in which they differed from both texts and went with some other reading." - Mark Ward

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Answering a Question I Get All the Time: The Places to Start in Studying New Testament Textual Criticism

"...if you want a popular level introduction to the topic written by me, I’ve got that. But I’d like to be more detailed—and (kind of!) evenhanded. I’d like to make some reading recommendations on both sides." - Mark Ward

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When Will the KJV Be Sufficiently Unintelligible to the “Plow Boy” That Change Will Become Necessary?

"...there is one kind of review that I have especially wished for, a review that is both 1) academic and 2) critical. One such review has indeed been published, and the author, Dr. Jeffrey Riddle, was kind enough to share it with me. I wish to respond to Riddle’s review" - Mark Ward

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Can Matthew Henry Help You Understand KJV English? Yes and No.

"I recently read a promoter of exclusive use of the King James Version who argued that if anyone has trouble understanding KJV English, they can just go to Matthew Henry’s commentary for all the explanations they need. I was skeptical. I still am." - Mark Ward

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Why Do Our TR-Only Brothers Reject the NKJV with Such Passion? The Trinitarian Bible Society’s “Examination of the New King James Version”

"I have now read Hembd’s long critique of the NKJV—and all of TBS’ other critiques of the NKJV" (detailed analysis follows) - Mark Ward

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Counsel for a Friend Who Wonders Which Christian Forest He’ll Land In

"I also know that evil dwells within me, as Romans shows, and that good dwells even among my enemies. God causes his common grace to fall on the unjust. And I find this to be such helpful knowledge. It takes from my shoulders the pressures of an impossible worldview." - Mark Ward

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KJV-Only People Are KJVAsking the Same Questions I Am about the Readability of the KJV

"The UK’s Trinitarian Bible Society is one of the most serious and sober KJV-Only organizations active today.... Recently, TBS published an article that was actually written shortly before the release of my book" - Mark Ward

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