Kevin DeYoung

Review: Kevin DeYoung's Men and Women in the Church

"It unapologetically explains and defends the complementarian position, which insists that God has designed men and women to be complementary to one another in life, church, and family. Though few people love the word 'complementarian,' he believes it is an appropriate choice because 'it’s hard to tell the story of the Bible without a word that communicates 'different but fitting together.'" - Challies

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PCA Presbytery rejects Revoice Conference, says it's not a 'safe guide' on gender, sex issues

"The 16-page report, posted Tuesday on The Gospel Coalition’s website by PCA Pastor Kevin DeYoung, expressed concerns that 'some of the principal voices in Revoice have not been careful enough with their labels, their theology, and their relational advice.'"- Christian Post

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