Supreme Court to hear Kentucky abortion case as Republican attorney general looks to intervene

"The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal in a lawsuit surrounding whether or not Kentucky’s attorney general can defend a law against dismemberment abortions that the state's Democrat Gov. refused to defend." - C.Post

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Appeals court again upholds Kentucky pro-life law

"The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled as constitutional Oct. 16 a 1998 Kentucky law that requires an abortion clinic to have transfer agreements with a hospital and an ambulance service. The split decision by a three-judge panel reversed a federal court opinion that struck down the state law" - BPNews

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Kentucky Law Requiring 'In God We Trust' Be Displayed at Schools Going into Effect

The law: “Local boards shall require each public elementary and secondary school to display the national motto of the United States, ‘In God We Trust,’ in a prominent location in the school” - Christian Headlines

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Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Ban Blocked by Kentucky Judge

"The judge’s order blocks the bill for 14 days or until the day he could hold a hearing deciding its constitutionality. Judge Hale also blocked another bill which banned abortions in events where the mother was seen to discriminate against the fetus for its disability, gender, or race. Judge Hale found the bills to be unconstitutional." - WRN

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