Sanctification, Faith and Works: An Index of Recent Web Debate

Updated 6/13/14

Debates about various aspects of the doctrine of sanctification have been around for a long time. In the summer of 2011, a fresh round of debate on sanctification, works, faith, depravity, justification and union with Christ broke out on the Web and has continued, in one form or another up to the present.

Because the exchange has featured skilled and articulate participants, it has also been insightful. The following is offered as a tool for the benefit of anyone interested in studying the matter from the perspective of recent interactions among theologically conservative, mostly (but not entirely) Reformed leaders.

A few notes appear below, randomly. I hope to eventually annotate most of these entries more fully and fairly.

Despite the length of this list of links, it is not comprehensive. Feel free to post other links of importance in the comments.

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The Best Book You’ve Never Read on Justification by Faith

"It’s a meticulous exegetical case for forensic justification on the basis of Christ’s obedience—imputed to us in union with him and received by faith alone. Even if (like me) you’re someone who doesn’t need to be convinced, you can still be sharpened by Owen’s thorough treatment of the relevant biblical texts" - TGC

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Why the Church Falls

"The Reformers said that the doctrine of justification–that is, how sinners are put right with God through the work of Christ–is 'the article upon which the church stands or falls.'  Today in many of America’s churches, this teaching can scarcely be heard." - Veith

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Sanctification: Different From Justification

"The saint is justified the moment they trust in Christ; God works immediately and fully. The saint progresses in sanctification through a lifetime of walking as the Lord continues to work. But all of it from start to finish is a work of God grounded in Christ and carried out through the Holy Spirit." - Tim Bertolet

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“...when the Jesuit Order was founded and then employed to stop the Protestant movement, it was the doctrine of the Assurance of Salvation that was their primary target.”

"The uniform teaching of Scripture is that ordinary Christians, should be able to make their 'call and election sure,' (2 Pet. 1:10), and that not by some 'extraordinary revelation,' such as Rome taught, but merely by looking for the unmistakable and certain evidences of the work of the Spirit in their lives." - Ref21

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Reactions to antinomianism: “four of the five waves listed above offer cures that are worse than the malady.”

"...while Shepherdism, the New Perspective, the Federal Vision, and the King Jesus Gospel are emphatically wrong in polluting the doctrine of justification with human merit, their call to emphasize the obedience of faith should not go unheeded." - Mark Snoeberger

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