John MacArthur

"So was Pastor MacArthur himself in favor of an NIV version of the [MacArthur Study Bible]?"

Phil Johnson on The MacArthur Study Bible (NIV)
MacArthur: “Those who are using the most inadequate translations obviously need the most help to understand the Scriptures properly. Personally, I would be delighted to see the MSB notes in every commonly-used translation—and in as many languages as possible.”

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Three Clear Concerns for the Young Restless Reformed

John MacArthur weighs in, via video, on what he is thankful for within the YRR movement and the three biggest issues he sees in it.

The three issues are:
1. A low view of Scripture in practice
2. A low view of God - trivial approach to God and a lack of soberness/seriousness
3. A low view of the Church

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Memo to the Old, Grumpy and Reformed: "Am to be impugned as worldly because I have a beer once and awhile?"