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MacArthur on Fundamentalism

When The Master’s University (TMU) hired BJU’s Vice President Sam Horn as its President and when a friendly picture of West Coast Baptist College President Paul Chappell surfaced with John MacArthur on Twitter, some of us believed that a convergence was taking place between the left flank of Fundamentalism and the right flank of Evangelicalism.

However, after only one year in office, Horn resigned as President of TMU. A year after Horn’s departure, Austin Duncan, Director of the MacArthur Center for Expository Preaching, produced a podcast (March 8, 2022) where he interviewed MacArthur on the topic “MacArthur and the Fundamentalists” (

There are lighthearted moments in this podcast such as MacArthur’s recollection of the Southern Baptist Convention’s W. A. Criswell calling him a “Baptist”. MacArthur also remembers when R. C. Sproul suggested “Imputationalists” as a possible label for Bible-believing Christians. MacArthur replied to Sproul, “That’s not going to work, R. C. They’re going to think we’re cutting off people’s limbs!”

Springing off of MacArthur’s conversation with Sproul, Duncan asks, “If MacArthur isn’t entirely comfortable with the term ‘evangelical’, would he embrace the term ‘fundamentalist’?” Duncan observes that MacArthur has a “tenuous relationship with Fundamentalism;” he “appreciates aspects of it, but doesn’t identify with it.”

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John MacArthur’s Church to Produce Feature Length Documentary About Fighting Pandemic Health Restrictions

From the synopsis: “When Grace Community Church faces state orders to shut down indefinitely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they realize the state’s attempt to replace Jesus Christ as the head of the Church” - C.Leaders

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John MacArthur to Headline Conservative Baptist Network Event Ahead of SBC 2022 Annual Meeting

"While not himself a Southern Baptist, MacArthur nevertheless has a considerable measure of theological and ideological alignment with the CBN, and a number of Twitter users responded positively to the announcement." - C.Leaders

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Why Christians Should Support Religious Liberty for Everyone, Including Non-Christians

"While I agree that the prospect of every American coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ would be a miracle of biblical proportions that would benefit the world in ways we can’t even imagine, restricting religious liberty isn’t the way to get there." - Dale Chamberlain

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Taking a Stand Against Canadian Law and Culture

"While I see some precedent in the Scripture for exercising individual legal rights (Paul under arrest by the Romans, for example), I find no precedent for church involvement in any attempt to influence government in any way. The New Testament, as far as I know, gives no mandate for political activism." - Don Johnson 

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Official denies John MacArthur makes more than $500K a year from Grace to You

"'...a report has been floating around online for some time that John makes more than half a million dollars annually from GTY. Totally false,' Phil Johnson, GTY executive director and an elder at MacArthur’s Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, said in a statement.'" - C.Post

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