Japan Earthquake

"I want Southern Baptists to know that the radiation scare is a lot worse in the States than it is here now."

“ ‘Look! I’ve been wearing this ever since I arrived in Japan and it hasn’t registered any radiation exposure levels yet,’ Hayes says, noting that all Southern Baptist workers and their children were issued a card to measure their exposure to radiation, allowing them to return to their ministries and homes.

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Disasters, Calamities and Evil in the World: Is God Asleep at the Switch?

Japan Burial

I preached a sermon recently about why God allows disaster, and that sermon is the basis for this article. I present this to my Sharper Iron brothers and sisters knowing that many of you are far more learned than I, particularly in the realms of philosophy and apologetics. I do not claim to be in the same league as C.S. Lewis or other great thinkers. So I encourage you to enjoy this article for what it is, a relatively simple (but practical) explanation of disaster, tragedy, and evil in the world based upon key Scriptures.

As a pastor, one of my most challenging responsibilities is to comfort the grieving. People can suffer in horrific ways. But one need not be a pastor to observe or experience these sad realities: life has a way of educating us all.

The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan killed thousands and left multitudes in utter despair. Many of us are praying for the survivors and contributing toward relief to this once great nation now in shambles.

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"Major network news organizations have done little to recognize the impact churches and faith-based ministries have in the recovery effort."

Of the 11 stories about U.S. relief efforts on ABC, CBS, and NBC between Friday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 15, not a single story mentioned the Christian work of faith-based groups like Samaritan’s Purse, CRASH Japan, The Salvation Army, and others mobilizing to help ease the suffering. Faith-based efforts being ignored

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All BMM missionaries confirmed safe after Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunamis

“Devastation from Japan’s March 11, 2011, earthquake was so enormous that the country moved by about eight feet and the earth shifted on its axis by nearly four inches, according to the US Geological Survey.1 With help from your prayers, our missionaries are coping with the damages and ministering to people as the Lord allows.”

“People came to church yesterday, even though their homes are a mess from the earthquake” More at Baptist Mid Missions

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