Evangelicals voice support after Biden nominates first Muslim to top religious freedom post

"Brent Leatherwood, vice president of external affairs and chief of Staff for SBC's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said in a statement that he has 'long called for America to be a bold voice for liberty against these oppressive regimes.'" - C.Post

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Why is the Israel-UAE treaty so significant? Explaining what happened, why it matters, and what Christians can learn today

"Ancient Persia is modern-day Iran (the name was not changed until 1935). Iran has been hard at work building a Shiite Crescent through Syria (where it supports President Assad) and Lebanon (where it supports Hezbollah). To Arab Muslims, Iran’s expansionism and drive for nuclear capacity constitutes an existential threat.

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Why Aren’t the Other Slavers Getting Cancelled?

"...there is no left-wing hatred of the Arab world, which enslaved far more Blacks than the North and South Americas combined. ...When you ask a leftist about this seeming double standard, you will be told that the Muslim world has been victimized by Euro-American colonialism. According to the rules of woke intersectionality, victims may not be criticized." - Veith

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“JD Greear, Omar Suleiman to discuss Christian-Muslim relations at NC college”

"...students will hear Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear and Yaqeen Institute founder Imam Omar Suleiman discuss how evangelicals and Muslims can find a way forward 'in a time of unprecedented division and distrust.' The conversation, hosted by the Veritas Forum... is co-sponsored by the school’s Muslim Students Association, its Cru and InterVarsity clubs, and Neighborly Faith" - RNS

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